July 2015  
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Registration for Fall Sports: DATE CHANGE
Registration for Fall Sports will be held:
July 22nd from 11am - 6pm
August 6th from 4 - 6pm
August 11th from 11am - 2pm.
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Summer 2015 Information

We are excited to continue our green initiatives by providing all Summer 2015 information, assignments, and beginning of the academic year information on our website. For assistance accessing the documents please contact the main office.

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BCPS Graduation Gallery now online
BCPS photographers were on-hand at Carver Center's graduation ceremony.
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Our Mission:  The Carver Center community supports and engages students with passion for, dedication to, and talent in acting, business, carpentry, cosmetology, culinary arts, dance, design and production, literary arts, music, or visual arts. By immersing students in challenging and rigorous programs, implemented through the fusion of these disciplines, academics, evolving technologies, and professional experiences, Carver Center prepares students to make informed future education and career choices.


Our Vision: All Carver Center graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be creative, productive, and conscientious citizens in a dynamic world.


Our Beliefs: The administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students share a common vision and operate on the following beliefs:

  • Students have innate talent, which is manifested through the study of the arts.
  • Students possess multiple intelligences.
  • Students can reach levels of intellectual and aesthetic excellence.
  • Challenging expectations increase individual student performance.
  • Students flourish in a creative and supportive community.
  • Respect for others and for each other’s work is paramount.
  • Lifelong learning is essential for success in a diverse and changing society.
  • The instructional program extends beyond the classroom.
  • Partnerships between Carver Center students and the arts and business communities extend student learning.
  • Student learning is enhanced by integrated instruction and cross-disciplinary experiences.