Our Mission:  The Carver Center Community cultivates life-long learners whose passion for their craft empowers them to be creative, successful, inspiring contributors to society and the world.


Our Vision: All Carver Center graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, passion, and attitudes to embrace new ideas to be courageous citizens in a dynamic world.


Our Beliefs: The administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students share a common vision and operate on the following beliefs:

  • Students have innate talent which is manifested through the collaborative study of the arts, technology, and academics.
  • Students possess multiple intelligences and diverse interests.
  • Students can reach levels of intellectual and aesthetic excellence.
  • Challenging expectations increase individual student performance, self-discipline, and perseverance.
  • Students flourish in a creative, challenging, safe, and supportive community
  • Respect for others and for the work of other’s is paramount.
  • Life-long learning is essential for success in a diverse and changing society.
  • Student learning is extended through partnerships between Carver Center students and the arts, business and college communities to prepare students for college and career.
  • Students find validation of their work through connections with professionals in their chosen field, area of interest, or interdisciplinary studies.
  • Diversity and communication among all stakeholders is essential in achieving the goals of education.