Design and Production

The Design and Production program provides students with opportunities to engage actively in live stage production work with sound, lighting, set design and construction, costume design, and theatre/stage management.

Design and Production emphasizes set, lighting, costume, and sound design, as well as theatre history and criticism. It also includes opportunities to develop skills in theatre management. Students are prepared for college, conservatory, or professional placement. The following qualities are fundamental for students entering the theatre program: imagination, personal initiative, self- discipline, stamina, seriousness of purpose, commitment to the profession, and trainability.

  • To help students develop good working habits both individually and as a member of an ensemble
  • To help students become familiar with the components of theatrical production and the varieties of dramatic form
  • To teach the fundamental skills of theatrical design, production, and management
  • To teach performance and production values that define a theatrical aesthetic based on historical and cultural contexts and personal talents
  • To help students develop a portfolio of technical theatrical experience
  • To infuse students with the zeal, courage, knowledge, and skill needed to insure the survival of theatre as an art form