Culinary Arts

Students in the Culinary Arts prime have the opportunity to articulate many credits as participants of the ProStart program, and members of the Career and Technology Programs of Baltimore County Public Schools.  They have articulated credits through schools such as Johnson and Wales, and Anne Arundel Community College, where students can earn 17 credits through a collaboration of the two school systems. 

Our students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in the Serve Safe class through Carver’s culinary program in coordination with The Restaurant Association of Maryland and The National Restaurant Association and earn 1 college credit in post-secondary culinary colleges. 

Employers are in constant contact with our program to employ Carver’s culinary students, and tend to hire our students due to their ServSafe certification, portfolios, and ProStart experience.  The senior managers are able to place orders on-line and coordinate orders with the sales representative, offering them real work experience with professionals in the industry.  Area employers offer students scholarships to offset tuition costs. 

Throughout the years of association with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and The Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation,  students in the culinary programs both at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology have earned many scholarships from placing in the MPSI competition and applying for state and national scholarships through the ProStart program.  

Parents are also a vital element of our program, offering support in competition preparation, the audition process, the Carver Celebration, the Carver Café, and additional activities.

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management:

Emphasis is placed on both culinary and management training based on the ProStart curriculum, developed by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.  The senior management project is an integral element of the instructional process allowing for the application of competencies through the operation of the Carver Café.

The Café is a licensed Baltimore County food service establishment that is maintained by the students and inspected by the local health department.  Senior students are charged with menu development, researching and writing a research paper based on their theme (MLA format), pertaining to their menu, cost analysis, placing on-line food requisitions, organization, planning, marketing, and implementation of the menu.  Their responsibilities involve overseeing food production, customer service, staffing, and problem-solving, as well as sanitation of the facilities, allowing for real-life situations.  Students rotate through a variety of positions including Chef, Manager, Expeditor, Boulanger, Patisserie, Garde Manger, Potager, Tournant, Grillardin, Sanitation, Prep Cook, Catering, Entremetier, and Waite Staff.  The student operated café generates income and allows for additional labs to enhance ProStart instruction.  

Technology is incorporated into the program through the use of a Point of Sales computer system, with a kitchen monitor to allow for more efficient expediting of customer orders, as well as tracking the sales history, sales mix, and more accurate forecasting for future food production. 

In addition to the Café, program participants accommodate a variety of banquets, catering, and bakeshop items including an assortment of cakes and pastries.  Students are empowered in decision making, with the ultimate outcome of skill development, and confidence building, resulting in positive employability skills.  Student accomplishments are showcased in the development of professional resumes and portfolios (electronic and hard copies) in collaboration with the Business department.  Additional collaborations benefit our students through the World Language programs giving our students additional experience in the preparation and service of international foods.

Industry Connections:

The Carver Café is a Baltimore County licensed food service facility which is inspected by the local health department two times a year.  Students escort the health inspector, answer questions, and discuss methods of constantly upgrading the facilities to promote a sanitary kitchen to promote the preparation of wholesome food.  Carver Center culinary students have the opportunity to work with several chefs.

Our program promotes connections with several post-secondary schools with chef-demonstrators, including schools such as, The Culinary Institute of America, Johnson and Wales, Stratford University, The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill, Anne Arundel Community College-Hospitality, Community College Baltimore County, and York Technical Institute. Our program is highly involved with the Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation and the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.