Information Technology/Interactive Media Production

The Information Technology/Interactive Media Production program is a dual completer program. Students in this program complete all of the completer requirements for Information Technology and all of the completer requirements for the Interactive Media Production program.

The Information Technology courses prepare students for further study and careers in the field of Computer Science through programming, hardware design, networks, graphics, databases and information retrieval, cyber security, software design, programming languages, logic, programming paradigms, translation between levels of abstraction, artificial intelligence, the limits of computations, applications in information technology and information systems, and social issues (Internet security, privacy, and intellectual property).

The Interactive Media Production courses provide students with experiences in Web site development, internet technology, computer graphics, digital media and entertainment production, and project management. Students develop skills in photo/video imagery, animation, non-linear video editing, Web page design, basic game development, and mobile/ handheld application development. Students complete a professional portfolio which can be used to apply for advanced/continuing education programs and employment. Students may also earn industry certification in Adobe® Creative Suite® and Web design.