Inside Out

This is a group of visual artists who take inspiration from observation. However, the resultant work is not always representational; rather, the commonality among these artists’ practices is an obsessive attention to detail. In looking at these works, the viewer’s gaze is drawn to unexpected sub-images, or to inventive uses of material to mimic reality.

clark image     miller image       Schnellenbacher

The show includes tightly rendered artwork, as well as works that spring from the same basis - observation - but express their subjects more obliquely or abstractly. The viewer may encounter an artist’s interpretation of a supernova within extremely small parameters, a rabbit that becomes stiff and cold, colorful paintings that magnify the nuances of skin or rind, an observable tumult of feelings pressing behind the artist’s aching eyes, the hundreds of microscopic graphite drawings that make up a monumental piece of sculpture, the tangible atmosphere of intangible dreams, the embellishment of landscape to the point of fantasy, and the idea of duality; that we see ourselves opposite from the mirror. At once and gradually, these works reveal their subjects by way of intimate observation.


These are all works of hyper focus, reflected both in the artists’ practices and in their interaction with the spectator. Transcending their subject matter, these artists raise ideas of control or the lack thereof, and question how closely one can look before one can look no more: gaze at the familiar until it becomes unrecognizable.

The opening for this event is September 22, 2016 at 1:00PM.